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About Craven Fund

About Craven Fund Investment Services

Yearly, we invest in about 20 companies or more. Our standard investment is 10 000 000 Euros in return for a large percent stake in the business. We bring companies to the next level through hands-on support, we also work with individual investors from around the world who which to make more return from investment using our unique online investment system. We have network of awesome traders, bankers, brokers and industrialist.

The program encourages the expansion of existing businesses and start-up of new business operations by working with them to generate fund through our investment system for day to day running of business, we also include individual to be part of this global initiative.

Investment Benefits

As investors, we work collaboratively with inspired global company to create value in two major sectors of our investment: Gold Trading Investment and FOREX Trading Investment our group also involve in other productive businesses to increase our profit margin. We shall be responsible for the investment and reinvestment of those assets that you designate to be subject to our management.

One aspect of your Craven Fund portfolio that may differ from other investments is international exposure. As Craven Fund member we trade with your money around the globe and ensure you earn from best economy around the World. Our collaborative global research process helps us better understand the connections of a complex, global economy, so we can make the best decisions about where to invest your money. It's just one of the reasons to consider our disciplined investment approach.

We believe in actively managing our funds and pursue a disciplined process to individually evaluate every stock and bond we invest in. But we don't believe it should cost a lot. We keep our expenses low, so your investment can go even further. We offer over 90 funds with no loads or sales charges and expense ratios below their Lipper category averages.

In all our tradings we ensure our investors win, investors never lost fund in trading. We have enough fund reserve to prevent direct lost to our investors.