About Craven Fund

We invest our own capital as well as that of our clients in attractive growth companies principally located in the United States and Europe. We target the most lucrative and profitable economy for our investment and this keep us above all other localized investment company. We also have a history of making co-investments in combination with other fund managers,this give us the opportunity to select the best market at any giving period. It is this close working relationship which means that we are typically offered the best co-investment opportunities and preferred co-investor status.

Our Advantage

At Craven Funds, we believe that value-added investment management must go beyond superior performance. We believe in building long-term relationships and are dedicated to listening to and addressing our clients' needs and interests. We regularly review and work with our clients to ensure that the level of our product offerings, communication and reporting is best practice. Craven Fund is a register company and we answer directly to all investment activities on our website and in our local offices.

Investment Diversification: We always spread your capital amongst different investments so that you’re not reliant upon a single investment for all of your returns.

Potential for long-term returns: We always focus our investment on high-quality businesses with long term profit returns. Focusing on long-term investing frames investments in a way that makes wealth compounding much more likely.

Expert Management with Low Risk: Allow us to manage your investments using our intelligent plan and you should be able to gain financial security over the years and enjoy the benefits of investing your funds with us.

Investment Package



After 1 day

  • Mini Deposit : $10
  • Max Deposit : $50000
  • Principal : Included In Profit
  • 5% Referral Bonus
  • Payout After 1 Day


200 %

After 3 days

  • Mini Deposit : $300
  • Max Deposit : $100000
  • Principal : Included In Profit
  • 5% Referral Bonus
  • Payout After 3 Days



After 5 days

  • Mini Deposit : $500
  • Max Deposit : $200000
  • Principal : Included In Profit
  • 5% Referral Bonus
  • Payout After 5 Days

Experienced Team

Craven Fund is an active player in the investment business, providing its worldwide client base with access to professionally managed investments.

Financial Expertise

For over five years we have provided our clients with the financial expertise and insight to meet their investment goals. We offer access to secure investment solutions.

Future Security

The experienced financial professionals at Craven Fund can help you enjoy a comfortable lifestyle today, while planning for a financially secure future.

No hidden Fee

None of our investment package has any hidden withdrawal fees, and they are available to all members in all countries of the world. Withdrawal process daily.

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